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Perdigon Body Iridescent Purple
  • Semperfli Perdigon Body Iridescent

    Semperfli Perdigon Body material has been specially designed for creation of perfect small perdigon flies. It is soft yet strong enough to use on a tying bobbin for easy build up of body. The materials are designed to have different effects either iridescent, fluorescent or translucent to give stunning effects on perdigon fly bodies so its color appears to change when viewed in different light and at different angles. This material can also be used over a base color to enhance your fly, whether for the entire body or as a highlight/rib, serving as an additional trigger.

    • Measurements

      The perfect Perdigon fly is typically crafted on hooks sized 16, 18, or 20, making Semperfli's fine material an ideal choice, as it's specifically designed for smaller hooks and the creation of perfect small perdigon flies. For larger flies, simply increase the number of wraps.

      From a technical standpoint, the Perdigon Body comprises a body material measuring 1/69” (0.37mm), carefully selected in a variety of colors and triggers to enhance the allure.

      Length: 30m - 32yds.

    • Colors

      The Semperfli Perdigon Body Iridescent line boasts an impressive array of colors, catering to the diverse needs of fly tyers and anglers alike. Our collection includes, but is not limited to, vibrant shades of iridescent blue, copper, pearl, pink, purple, and yellow. Each color has been meticulously chosen to ensure the creation of stunning effects on Perdigon flies.

      The benefit of having such a variety in iridescent colors is twofold. Firstly, it allows the angler to match the hatch more precisely, providing the ability to imitate the colors of natural prey in the water more accurately and thereby increasing the chances of a successful catch. The iridescent quality of these colors means that they shift and shimmer in the water, changing in the different light and at different angles.

      Secondly, the range of colors enables anglers to experiment and customize their flies to suit different fishing conditions, depths, and waters. Whether it's iridescent blue, iridescent copper, iridescent pearl, iridescent pink, iridescent purple, or iridescent yellow, each color adds a unique dimension to the fly. This versatility ensures that the Perdigon Iridescent material is not just a tying component but a strategic tool in the angler's arsenal, enhancing the fly's visibility and attractiveness to fish.

    • Material

      The versatility of the Perdigon Iridescent material makes it an essential tool in the arsenal of fly tyers, enabling the creation of not only perdigon flies but also a variety of nymphs and streamers. Utilizing this material, anglers can adapt their flies to different fishing conditions and target species, making it universally appealing. The material has been specially made to attract fish with its realistic movement and vibrant, eye-catching colors. Whether you're a novice tyer or an experienced angler, the Perdigon Iridescent thread offers endless possibilities to enhance your fly-tying craft and improve your success on the water.

    • History

      Perdigons were first developed by the Spanish competition team but have become incredibly popular since and are now integral to fly boxes of tyers and anglers worldwide. A Perdigon fly typically is easy to tie and is designed to sink quickly. But you need a good selection of colors that have the right effect for the perfect Perdigon which is why Semperfli Perdigon Body Material was developed.

    • Tips

      To optimize the utility of the Semperfli Perdigon Body Iridescent thread in your fly tying and have an easy build, consider these practical tips:

      • Layer for Depth: Begin with a base layer in a neutral or contrasting color to add depth to your fly. Applying the Perdigon Body material over this base will enhance the iridescence and overall visual effect under water.
      • Tight Wraps: Ensure that each wrap of the body material is tight and contiguous to the previous one. This not only strengthens the body of the fly but also creates a smooth, streamlined profile that sinks quickly.
      • Vary Thickness: For deeper waters or faster currents, increase the thickness of the perdigon body by adding more wraps. This additional weight helps your fly reach the desired depth more effectively.
      • Finish with UV Resin: A thin coat of UV resin not only secures the material in place but also magnifies the material's colors and reflective properties. It adds durability to the fly, making it resistant to teeth and rocks.
      • Experiment with Colors: Don't hesitate to mix and match colors based on the fishing environment and target species. Sometimes, an unexpected color combination can be more enticing to fish.
      • Utilizing in Different Conditions: Change your perdigon fly color based on weather, water clarity, and light conditions. Iridescent materials can be particularly effective on sunny days, creating a shimmering effect that attracts fish.
      • Practice Makes Perfect: The more you tie with this material, the better you'll understand its behavior and how to manipulate it for the best effect.

      By keeping these tips in mind and experimenting with various techniques and combinations, you can significantly enhance your fly-tying skills and improve your chances of a successful catch.