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Premium Brass Fly Tying Beads
  • Premium Brass Fly Tying Beads

    Brass beads are a great option for adding weight to hooks, at a much cheaper price than tungsten beads. These beads can serve as a great middle ground between unweighted hooks and heavy tungsten, and are great for warmwater or stillwater fishing as well. These will provide great results for both nymphs and streamers.

    • Color Options

      Our brass beads are available in an extensive palette to suit any fly tier's needs:


      • Gold
      • Copper
      • Silver Nickel
      • Black Nickel


      • Matte Black
      • Gloss Black
      • Hot Orange
      • Chartreuse
      • Hot Green
      • Hot White
      • Hot Pink


      • Rainbow
      • Metallic Yellow
      • Metallic Blue
      • Metallic Orange
      • Metallic Purple
      • Metallic Olive
      • Metallic Pink
      • Metallic Green
      • Metallic Red
    • Size Options

      To accommodate various fly patterns and sizes, our Premium Brass Fly Tying Beads come in a range of sizes:

      • 1.5mm (1/16")
      • 2.0mm (5/64")
      • 2.4mm (3/32")
      • 2.8mm (7/64")
      • 3.2mm (1/8")
      • 3.8mm (5/32")
      • 4.8mm (3/16")
      • 5.5mm (7/32")
      • 6.0mm (15/64")
      • 6.4mm (1/4")
    • Pack Sizes

      Choose the pack size that suits your fly tying needs. Our brass beads are available in:

      • 25 count packs
      • 100 count packs
    • Quality Brass Beads for Your Fly Tying Needs

      Discover the superior quality and precision of our Premium Brass Fly Tying Beads. Crafted from top-grade brass, these beads offer durability and add weight, ensuring your flies sink quickly, at a great price point. The countersunk design—where one hole is larger than the opposite side—allows multiple sizes of hooks to fit the same size bead, without slipping over hook eyes.

    • Why Choose Our Premium Brass Fly Tying Beads?

      • Easy Hook Insertion: Thanks to the countersunk design, inserting hooks is quick and hassle-free, and fits most eye.
      • Durability: Made from high-quality brass, these beads are built to last.
      • Variety: A broad range of colors and sizes to meet all your fly tying requirements.
      • Versatility: Suitable for tying nymphs, streamers, and other fly patterns.


      Elevate your fly tying game with our Premium Brass Fly Tying Beads. With the right beads, your flies won't just catch fish; they'll catch attention. Get yours today and experience the difference quality makes.

    PriceFrom $3.00