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Micro Jig Heads
  • Micro Jig Heads

    Wholesale Fly Company's Micro Jig Heads are round ball style and feature a strong #12 black nickel barbed hook. These are perfect for bass, panfish, and trout. They are available in sizes 1/80 oz and 1/124 oz and come in a variety of colors including black, green, chartreuse, pink, and white.

    Pack sizes of both 25 and 100 count jigs are in stock for order. These are the best value and quantity on the market for tying micro marabou jigs for panfish and trout.

    • Micro Jigs Colors

      The available colors include:

      • Unpainted
      • Chartreuse
      • Hot Orange
      • Hot Pink
      • White
      • Black
      • Olive
      • Gold
      • Silver
    • Sizes

      The jig heads come in the following sizes:

      • 1/80 oz
      • 1/124 ox
    • Tips

      To maximize the effectiveness of Micro Jig Heads in your fishing endeavors, here are some expert tips that can help improve your catch rate:

      Experiment with Colors: Don't stick to just one color; instead, assess the water conditions and experiment with various colors to see what works best. Often, a subtle change in color can make a big difference in attracting fish.

      Fine-Tune Your Jigging Technique: The action you impart on your jig can significantly affect its attractiveness to fish. Gentle lifts, twitches, or hops can make your jig mimic live prey more realistically. Pay attention to the reactions of the fish and adjust your technique accordingly.

      Use Lighter Fishing Lines: Lighter lines not only allow for more natural jig movement but also reduce visibility to the fish, which is especially important in clear water conditions. Consider using fluorocarbon lines, which have low visibility under water.

      By incorporating these tips into your fishing strategy, you can significantly increase your chances of a successful outing. Micro Jig Heads, with their versatility and range, offer the perfect tool to refine your approach and target a variety of fish species under different conditions.

    • Fly Tying with Micro Jig Heads

      I predominantly tie marabou jigs or egg patterns on these hooks. They're a great alternative to a slotted bead and jigged hook in larger sizes. I've tied all things from Pat's Rubberlegs, to Green Weenies, to Wooly Buggers on these jig hooks, and they all fish great! Flies like marabout jigs and egg flies are perfect flies for both beginners and veterans to use, as they are quick to tie and extremely effective!

    • Fishing Micro Jig Heads

      The beautiful thing about using micro marabou jigs are that they can be fish in many different ways for different species. They can be both stripped like a streamer or fished under an indicator/bobber, both fixed or slip bobber.

    • Micro Jig Heads for Panfish

      If I had to pick on thing to tie on to the end of my fly rod while fishing for bluegill or crappie, it would probably be an olive or black micro marabou jig. I like to fish these up a movable indicator, especially on windy days. I find that the more motion waves impart on your indicator, the more motion it will add to your jig. You can fish these jigs anywhere from 6 inches to as deep as your leader will let you fish! When fishing deeper than 6 feet or so, I find it's helpful to pinch a small split shot 12" above my fly.

    • Micro Jig Heads for Trout

      I catch many trout on both marabou jigs and egg patterns, like Y2K's and Glowbugs, using this style of hook. They sink quickly and avoid getting hung up, at a fraction of the cost of tungsten slotted beads and jigged hooks. A bright orange or pink jig head with black marabou makes a great leech imitation and will perform great in a stillwater or creek alike.

    PriceFrom $4.00