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Semperfli Nano Silk
  • Semperfli Nano Silk

    Semperfli Nano Silk Fly Tying Thread

    Crafted to have incredible strength due to the highest quality materials, such as a gel spun polyethylene, Nano Silk threads are designed to elevate your fly tying experience to new heights. To help with your problem of breaking strains, this thread is virtually unbreakable. Chosen by professional fly tyers worldwide, the Nano silk tying thread is the tying thread of choice.

    • Semperfli Nano Silk Fly Tying Sizes

      Nano Silk 20D: Despite its incredibly small thread build (equivalent to 24/0), it is super strong, being 10 times stronger than steel of the same diameter. Perfect for small flies size 20 to 32 flies.

      Nano Silk 30D: the ultimate thread for achieving unparalleled finesse and precision in fly tying, perfect for hook sizes 16 to 32. With its incredibly fine 30 denier diameter and ultra-strong fibers, Semperfli Nano Silk 30D is regarded as the choice of professional fly.

      Nano Silk 50D: Known by professional fly tyers worldwide for its exceptional strength-to-size ratio, this thread is capable of handling everything from flies sizes 16 to 32. With a multitude of vibrant colors to choose from, Semperfli Nano Silk 50D offers endless possibilities for creative expression.

      Nano Silk 100D:  Nano Silk 100 6/0 is the top choice for professional fly tiers worldwide, offering unparalleled strength and versatility. With breaking strains of 8.4lb and 10 times the strength of steel of the same diameter, it's perfect for predator, saltwater flies, and spinning deer hair. Designed for hook sizes  16 to 32, it lays flat without buildup, providing reliability in every tie.

      Nano Silk 200D: Ideal for streamer and predator patterns, Nano Silk Streamer's flat thread build makes it perfect for various fly fishing activities. Being virtually unbreakable and still being able to flatten completely, this thread gives confidence to fly tyers.

    • Such a Variety of Colors Available

      Nano Silk thread come in a spectrum of vibrant colors, offering you a canvas to unleash your creativity and breathe life into your fly patterns. Elevate your tying experience with Nano Silk tying thread, and experience firsthand the transformative impact of precision engineering on your craft.

      Whether you are fishing in murky waters or clear waters on a sunny day, Semperfli Nano Silk has you covered. Its vibrant colors remain vivid and resistant to fading, ensuring your flies maintain their allure under any conditions.

    • Prevent Thread Breaking: How to Extend the Life of

      To ensure your Nano Silk thread remains in prime condition, extending its life and enhancing its performance, consider the following tips:

      • Store Properly: Keep your Nano Silk thread away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place to prevent degradation from UV rays and moisture.
      • Use Correct Tension: While Nano Silk is renowned for its strength and is virtually unbreakable, applying the right tension is crucial. Avoid excessive force that could stretch or stress the thread unnecessarily.
      • Clean Your Bobbin: Periodically clean the inside of your bobbin tube. Dust, rust, or residue can damage the thread over time. Use a fine cloth or a bobbin cleaner to remove any particles.
      • Practice Correct Techniques: Use the correct tying techniques to avoid overworking or damaging the thread.

      By following these simple yet effective measures, you can significantly extend the life of your Nano Silk thread.

    • Durable Design: Understanding the Strength

      The unparalleled strength of Nano Silk can be attributed to its meticulous materials and innovative construction techniques. The core of Nano Silk's durability lies in its use of gel spun polyethylene (GSP). GSP is used in things such as sailing ropes and bulletproof vests, adding to the super strong durability of Semperfli Nano Silk tying tread.

      The construction method used by Semperfli allows Nano Silk to maintain its diameter and strength characteristics even under significant stress. The process of bonding the fibers further enhances the thread’s durability, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of fly tying without fraying or breaking strains.

      Additionally, the engineering behind Nano Silk ensures that it lays flat on the hook, providing a smooth and consistent wrap.

      The combination of high-quality GSP material, advanced spinning and bonding techniques, and the thread's ability to lay flat contributes to the strength and reliability of Nano Silk, which is why the thread is regarded as the tying choice for professional and amateur fly tiers alike.