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EggStatic Egg Fritz
  • EggStatic Egg Fritz

    Elevate your fly tying game with Semperfli Eggstatic Egg Fritz Yarn—a revolutionary material designed specifically to mimic the natural life cycle of fish eggs. The high-quality Semperfli slush fibres are dyed using computerized dyeing machines, ensuring consistent and vibrant colors for your Egg flies. Experience the ultimate in fly tying performance with Semperfli Eggstatic Egg Fritz Yarn.

    • Natural and Fluorescent Colors

      Choose from a stunning array of natural and fluorescent colors, including:

      • Cream
      • Beluga Light Grey Roe
      • Beluga Pearl Grey
      • Black Sturgeon
      • Brown Trout Roe
      • Dead Egg White
      • Electric Blue
      • Fluorescent Atomic Yellow
      • Fluorescent Hot Red
      • Fluorescent Nuclear Green
      • Fluorescent Orange Tobiko
      • Fluorescent Shrimp Pink
      • Fluorescent Steelhead Orange
      • Grape Juice
      • Hot Candy Pink
      • Kaluga Gold
      • Lemon Lime
      • Peach
      • Peacock Green
      • Powder Pink
      • Purple
      • Rootbeer
      • Tangerine

      With such a diverse palette, you are guaranteed to find the perfect match forthe natural life of fish eggs.

    • Sizes

      Available in:

      • 8mm width for trout and bass
      • 15mm width for salmon and steelhead.

      Whether you're fly fishing for smaller freshwater species or larger migratory fish, Semperfli Eggstatic Egg Yarn offers the perfect size to match the fish eggs in your area.

    • Key Features

      Advanced Egg Fritz Material

      Semperfli has redefined Egg Chenille with their innovative Slush Fibres, providing amazing life and color to your egg flies. These micro thin fibres create an "egg slushy" look, enhancing the visual appeal and effectiveness of your flies.

      Translucent Effect Mimicking Nature

      The Semperfli Slush Fibres are built into the core of the Eggstatic Yarn. When submerged, the material slushes together, creating a translucent effect that mimics the appearance of natural fish eggs. This lifelike quality is further enhanced by the built-in UV Fleck available in every variant, making your egg fly irresistible to fish.

    • Why Choose Semperfli Eggstatic Egg Yarn?

      • Innovative Design: The Semperfli eggstatic material is designed specifically to replicate the natural lifecycle of fish eggs, providing unparalleled realism.
      • Vibrant Colors: Advanced computerized dyeing techniques ensure vibrant and consistent colors every time.
      • Translucent Effect: The unique Slush Fibres are translucent allowing light to penetrate through the egg fly and match the natural
      • Versatility: Available in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit various fishing conditions and target species.
      • Enhanced Performance: The translucency of the egg and great movement ensure that your fly hits home to stimulate eats while fly fishing.

      Make every cast count with Semperfli Eggstatic Egg Yarn. Discover the difference of next-level fly tying material and transform your fishing experience. Tie your flies with precision, confidence, and unparalleled realism. Try Semperfli Eggstatic Egg Yarn today and see the results for yourself!