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  • Q: What are your hours?
    A: We are open 9 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time, Monday to Friday.
  • Q: Do you have a Retail Store I can shop?
    A: Sorry, we are a internet E-Commerce store only.
  • Q: How quickly will you ship my order?
    A: We ship via the US Postal Service at 12 AM CST and 5:30 PM CST, Monday thru Friday. Orders placed by 4 PM week days are shipped the same day.
  • Q: I purchased the wrong item, can I exchange it?"
    A: Absolutely, drop us an email, text or call. We actually treat it as a Refund when we receive your return. We ask that you reorder the correct item now or wait for your returned funds then reorder. Your choice.
  • Q: Do you take Orders over the Phone?
    A: Unfortunately, we cannot process orders over the phone at this time. I am happy to explain and walk you through the cart and checkout steps by phone to make the purchase process smooth and easy.
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