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Wire 0.3mm Light Gold
  • Wire 0.3mm Light Gold


    0.3mm Wire


    Fly tying wires are used in all disiplines of fly fishing, however the market offerings were inconsistant with amount per spool, colours and often they would go rusty after several uses. Due to this we turned our focus onto wires and improving the fly tyers experience.


    All the Semperfli wires are non tarnishing and come in a large range of colours. Can be used for salt water.


    0.3mm Wire (0.012 inch) is ideal for ribbing and adding weight to a fly, from nymphs through to large Bugs, Saltwater patterns and of course the famous Brassie Nymphs and Copper Johns.


    Having developed and manufactured our own computerized spooling machinery our wire

    is put onto the spool with touching turns in totally level traverse, why is this important? With our wire you will not get a birds nest when tying flies or have wires trapped. Our spools have a removeable cap to re-trap the wire once you have removed a section to tie your flies.


     Rather than cutting simply wiggle and it will break saving damage to your scissors.


    10.5 meters per spool - 10.9 yards approx.

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